Energy Equipment Rental, Generator Sets, Panels, Lighting

Rental Power Equipment

Grupitel specializes in renting energy equipment, in particular generator sets, panels and electrical cables, among others, and in related services such as consulting services and 24×7 support.


Generator Set Renting

We rent soundproofed generator sets with powers of 10 to 1,000 kVAs

24×7 Service

Available for all rent agreements, providing our clients with direct contact with Grupitel

Turnkey Solutions

A service created for clients who prefer to focus all of their attention on their business

Previously Owned Equipment

A variety of used equipments, fairly priced, reliable and in excellent working order

Notícias Certifications
PME Líder / PME Excelência / Certification ISO9001

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Headquarters – Carnaxide
Tel: +351 214 246 030 [+]
North Zone
Tel: +351 223 743 656 [+]
South Zone
Tel: +351 289 360 083 [+]

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